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UltraWideWallpaper 2


Second Version of, now with Users, Tags, Likes and more!



Website created for local small business Bug Blasters Inc. located in Bordentown, New Jersey. Created in collaboration with owner of business to me...

Concepts and Projects



A simple form that uses mostly javascript to calculate how many hours you would have to work to afford a purchase! Needs either hourly pay or saler...

Happy Dog


A site build using wordpress and WooCommerce. A sample ecommerce website that is selling dog toys! Site hosted using cloudaccess free tier, so is l...

The Black-Briar Inquirer


Site built to mimic a newspaper with stories featuring images and text. All stories have at least one category and an author both of which can be u...

Dino's Demo Risotante


First experience with wordpress, site created with wordpress, php and mysql. Custom theme created from scratch for the site. Hosted though cloudacc...

Cloud Cinema


A site that behaves similarly to Netflix with the obvious exception that all the movies and videos are supplied by the user. Purpose it to provide ...


Screenshot %2817%29

A site the mimics the popular website It has user verification, multiple mailers, comments, subreddits with admins, voting on posts and...

JQuery Wheres-Waldo

Screenshot %2816%29

A simple game of Wheres Waldo using JQuery only. Search the image for the three characters shown below the image. Once you find one click on them a...


Screenshot %2814%29

A simple test e-commerce site designed for the sale of you guessed it, billiard balls! Uses Amazon S3 storage, user verification, and Braintree pay...

JavaScript Blackjack


Simple JavaScript blackjack card game. Goal is to get as close to 21 without going over. See if you cant beat the dealer!


Screenshot %2811%29

A site designed to show specs of multiple monitors and compare any two between multiple attributes such as resolution, refresh rate, cost and more....

JavaScript Frogger


The classic game Frogger that keeps yout score (time) and ranks it if you finish. Made using JQuery/JavaScript.

Map Viewer


A simple app I created designed to view and compare maps that can be created though the site Scribble Maps, uses Scribble Maps API


Screenshot %2813%29

Site designed to be similar to Craigslist but specific to dogs. Uses Amazon S3 storage, user verification, mailers between users and Google Distanc...


Screenshot %2815%29

An app with multiple JavaScript and JQuery demos such and a calculator, tic-tact-toe, image carousel, google map API calls, OMDB API calls, and for...


Screenshot %289%29

Site the mimics the core functionality of Twitter. Has user verification, friend request and friendships between users, saves images to Amazon S3 s...